Glass eyes, missing limbs, abstinence and more: They can prompt recurring questions — so what’s your spiel? – Calgary

Is there a question you have been asked so many times that you have a reflexive response ready to go? A one-liner that you’ve used so many times that it’s almost second nature? Some call that a shtick or a spiel. 

At Alberta@Noon we threw open the phone lines on Thursday and asked Albertans what their spiel is.

Here’s what some of them had to say.

They are like, ‘Really?’

Carl George from Edmonton says his glass eye and shoulder scar can often start a conversation with complete strangers.

“I lost my eye when I was 17 so I have a glass eye and I had a work injury to my shoulder which left me with a very long scar,” George explained.

“In the summer time when I am wearing a tank top people will ask what happened to my eye. So I got tired of people asking and I finally came up with a story that I was driving down the highway at 180 km/h on a motorcycle and I wiped out and a tree hit my shoulder and went into my eye. They are like, ‘really?’ And I am like, ‘No, not at all, but it’s a far more exciting story than the real one.”

What are you?

Shahroze Khan of Fort McMurray is Pakistani heritage. He says he often gets asked about his race.

“I always reply with ‘I am human,’ and then they are like, ‘Where do you come from?’ and I am like ‘I live here.’ There is never a right answer to that question,” Khan said.

“In small towns where there is little diversity and they see a person like me, they are like, ‘Oh my God, where are you from?’ and I am like ‘I am a Canadian from Fort McMurray.'”

Keri Hilton doesn’t drink alcohol and she has a spiel when people ask about it. (Submitted by Keri Hilton)

‘Usually they are very surprised’

Keri Hilton is a 26-year-old from Sylvan Lake who doesn’t drink alcohol. She says often at a party of social setting where booze is served, she brings out her spiel.

“I don’t drink and usually they are very surprised and I will tell them why,” Hilton explained.

“I have never felt the urge at…

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