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Giroud Tree and Lawn Gives Urgent Reminder to Apply Early Spring Fertilizer Mix and Pre-emergent Crabgrass Controls Now

A lawn treatment program can help fight against invasive weeds, while encouraging healthy grass growth.

Proper evaluation, treatment, and monitoring is essential to encouraging healthy growth patterns, while decreasing the risk of invasive weeds from sprouting.

Giroud Tree and Lawn has released a step by step guide and video on the importance of treating lawns now for invasive crabgrass, and applying a Spring mix fertilizer. Crabgrass is a rapidly spreading weed that can take over a lawn in a short period of time, and is very difficult to eliminate. Early spring provides the only time to lay down a pre-emergent crabgrass barrier to greatly decrease the chances of this weed growing. Along with this crabgrass treatment, a Spring fertilization mix should be applied to help optimize a lawn’s root system and encourage healthy growth. The company reports that once the window to spread these early Spring lawn treatments has passed, the chances of crabgrass overtaking a lawn greatly increases.

In the article published on Giroud Tree and Lawn’s blog, the company advises a three step approach to build a healthy green lawn:

  • Evaluation: Have a Licensed Lawn Service Professional evaluate the lawn, complete a pH test to determine soil balance and analyze what’s needed for optimum health.
  • Lawn Treatment Program: Based on the evaluation, a custom program should be developed that may include lime if soil is too acidic. Many homeowners will want to consider a 100% organic lawn treatment program that is pet-friendly and safe for children.
  • Monitoring: Lawn health can change quickly due to factors like heat and rain. Monitoring by a PA Certified Applicator should be done through the growing season to identify and…

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