Getting This Tree “Home” Means Going on a Cross-Country Journey

Delivering a Whitewood Christmas

Permit Wizard is honored to support the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree tour.

While many American families may pick up their perfect tree from a corner lot or tree farm, then bring it home atop the family vehicle, that’s just not possible for the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. With a 2,000-mile expedition from the Kootenai National Forest in Montana to Washington D.C. and historically averaging around 80 feet in height, the “People’s Tree” requires much more thought and planning for its trip home.

Each year a different National Forest is selected to provide a tree to appear on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol for the Christmas season. This tradition is made possible thanks to companies large and small, as well as volunteers locally and across America who provide vital support of time and resources. This year, the Kootenai National Forest, in partnership with nonprofit Choose Outdoors, will provide this special gift to Washington, D.C. for the 2017 season with support from several sponsors, including Permit Wizard as the transportation permit sponsor for the fourth year running.

At an average 80-foot height, the “People’s Tree” extends well beyond standard federal trailer length and load width limitations, so oversize/overweight transportation rules must be followed. Routes must be carefully planned in advance to avoid hang-ups and permits must be pulled from every state the tree travels through. Permit Wizard’s vast knowledge of these requirements and the U.S. transportation system help ensure this cross-country trip goes without a hitch.

“Permit Wizard is honored to support the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree tour,” said Jeff Piefke, general manager at LexisNexis®…

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