Getting Online Around the Home Despite Wireless Problems

You’ll find wireless networks everywhere, on the train, in the pub, in restaurants, in hotels, and even on buses these days.  But sometimes at home you just can’t get a wireless connection when you need it.  More and more people are connecting through the airwaves and congestion can cause real issues with stability and speed. Doing a broadband comparison of speeds whilst wired and whilst connected wirelessly will identify the disparity between the internet speed coming into your home and that you receive wirelessly.

When you really can’t get online wirelessly with your current set-up there are both wireless and wired solutions. 

Wireless Solutions

You can of course choose to switch your router to one of the newer models with 5GHz frequency.  At the moment, there are fewer people on 5GHz routers and therefore the congestion is less dense.  If you live in a densely built-up area and there’s a number of wireless connections around, having a 5GHz router can make things a lot better.  There’s also a 60GHz range coming soon.  This will run over shorter ranges but offer faster speeds, potentially up to 7GBps. 

Other than changing routers there is a lot you can do; you are not, as many think, limited to troubleshooting wireless interference problems, fiddling with microfilters and doing a broadband comparison to find another internet service provider.

Wired Alternatives

There are a number of wired alternatives that bypass the need for wireless connectivity and enable you to get online around your home.  In addition, many of us have Desktop PCs that cannot get on wirelessly and these can also benefit from the wired technology.

Wired Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN)

The most obvious and easiest way to overcome the problem is by simply running ethernet cables around your home to the points that you want to connect.  For example, you could run a 50-meter cable out to the garage if you wanted to.  Routers these days normally come with four or more…

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