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GENEVA — A new group being formed in the city will seek to combat the drug addiction epidemic by focusing on teenagers and trying to reach them through the arts.

Geneva City Council’s Safety Committee has decided to develop an ad hoc group from many different segments of society that will foster arts-related activities for teenagers to prevent drug abuse.

Susan Hagan, committee chairperson and a city council member, said Ashtabula County Juvenile Court Judge Albert Camplese and Western County Judge David Schroeder had attended meetings and were interested in contributing ideas to the group.

“We wanted to create an ad hoc group rather than making this the only issue the safety committee deals with,” she said. “That way all citizens, not just people involved with council, can get involved.”

She said she wanted local teens to have a sense of community and to know they had options.

Hagan said she had contacted Geneva Branch Manager Helena Richardson of the Geneva Public Library to get her ideas on the group. 

“Our goal is to arrange for an after-school program for kids at the library,” Hagan said. “A lot of kids, mostly teens and middle schoolers, go to the library every afternoon, so we’ve got kind of a captive audience. We’re going to adapt the program to what the kids are interested in.”

Richardson said the library was the perfect setting for any program the group may puts in motion.

“We want to be supportive of anything the city comes up with to engage our youth and not lose them to drug addiction,” she said. “We’re right across the street from the middle school and we always have students come over after classes. We have plenty of activities to keep them busy.”

She said the library has a teen game room, a teen area, a graffiti board, games, puzzles and a computer coding club…

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