Gay dating app DaddyBear reveals the top 10 gay cities in United States

Top 10 Gayest Cities in United States

Recently, the popular gay daddy dating app DaddyBear has released a new report conducted by its team, clearly showing that which cities are the gayest in America.

DaddyBear, the premier gay dating app for gay sugar daddies and gay bears to connect with each other, has released a detailed map of gay demographics in the United States that reveals the top ten gay friendly cities across the nation. This is a good piece of news for both successful gay sugar daddies and young gay men who are desperately looking for a gay arrangement to find the right one in those gayest cities.

The survey was conducted by DaddyBear according to its member base and the percentage of the population identifying as gay in each city. From the data offered by the survey, New York ranks top of the list, followed by Los Angeles. San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Houston, San Diego and Fort Lauderdale. People in these cities are more likely to accept gay people, which offers many opportunities for them to hook up a gay sugar daddy or a gay sugar baby.

Moreover, while DaddyBear is doing research on the top ten gay friendly cities in the United States, it extends the scope to find out the top ten gayest countries in the world incidentally. Not surprisingly, the United States is by far the most friendly countries for gay men with most people who are seeking freedom of life. The survey shows that the U.S. takes a percentage of 38.8% in the whole data, which is much higher than the second countries – the United Kingdom that shares only 14.2%. The full list of the top 10 gayest cities goes as follows: the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Australia and…

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