Gary Richards Officially Parts Ways With Live Nation

Gary Richards and Live Nation have parted ways, HARD Events will remain under control of Live Nation.

LA Weekly is reporting that Gary Richards and Live Nation have officially ended their operating agreement. The report is based on multiple sources within the electronic music scene who have connections with both the people and companies involved with the news. HARD Events will remain underneath the Live Nation umbrella, and instead, Gary will be heading to rival company LiveStyle, which is the rebranded SFX Entertainment.

After reaching out to our own sources in the industry, we can confirm Gary Richards’ departure from Live Nation to be true.
Gary Richards has also now confirmed via Facebook that Hard Summer will be his farewell:

Coming just days before HARD Summer’s 10th Anniversary at Glen Helen Amphitheatre & Regional Park, this news comes as a surprise to many. For those who have followed HARD Events and Gary over the years though, this might not be as much of a shock. Years of problems with events hosted under the HARD brand, issues between himself and Insomniac’s head Pasquale Rotella, and the eventual move of HARD Summer to a new venue had the writing already on the wall. Additionally, many of Gary’s most devoted followers began to notice things going awry, such as the lack of a lineup for Holy Ship! that historically should have been released around this time.

In fact, the answer to the question of him renewing his contract with Live Nation was up in the air for quite some time. We first saw the potential of this happening after an interview with Variety magazine was published this past April.

In the interview when the following exchange between Gary and Jem Aswad took place:

How’s your relationship with Live Nation? It’s been five years now. 

Yeah, this is coming up on the renewal of my deal, so we’re at the end.

“The end”? Are you going to stay? 

(Sighs) I dunno. That’s a good question. We shall see. We shall…

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