Gaming’s Weirdest, Wildest, and Wackiest Controllers and Peripherals

Today I’m taking a saunter through video gaming history to highlight some of the most bizarre and unusual peripherals, controllers, and accessories seen over the years. While you may have seen some of these famous follies before, hopefully there are a few items on this list that’ll take you by surprise.

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Samba de Amigo Maracas

All manner of musical instrument peripherals have been designed over the years, from Rock Band’s guitars, keyboards, and drums to the bongos that came with Donkey Konga. But perhaps the oddest of them all is the pair of maracas that you use to control the Dreamcast title, Samba de Amigo. Developed by Team Sonic and released in 2000, this music rhythm game had players shaking and rattling along to the beat of an eclectic mix of tunes at three different heights, while striking occasional poses as dictated by the game.

In these days of wireless controllers, it’s easy to forget that Samba de Amigo’s controllers had to be connected to a two-foot-long ultrasonic sensor that was incorporated into a floor mat, which itself was connected to the Dreamcast. Despite being a little clunky, it worked fine, and made playing Samba de Amigo a novel and entertaining experience.

Dreamcast Fishing Controller

If you’ve ever wanted to go through the motions of fishing, but don’t like the idea of dealing with tackle, bait, and potentially inclement weather, this rather unusual turn-of-the-century Dreamcast controller is exactly what you’re looking for. Compatible with all six Dreamcast fishing games, and with the additional bonus of also being playable with Soul Calibur and Virtua Tennis, this motion-sensitive peripheral enabled players to cast their line with a flick of the wrist, feel vibrations when a fish started to bite, and then reel it in using the spindle on the side of the controller.

While it’s easy to make fun of this controller for being rather ridiculous, credit where credit’s due – it actually works well with…

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