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Wall climbing is fast becoming a popular sport to the Indian audience. The Indian team which participated in the 2017 World Cup held in Mumbai aim to win the Olympic Games 2020. 

Prateeksha Arun from Bengaluru started climbing when she was all of 10 years. At 18, she became the runner-up in the Indian (Bouldering) Open Championship in February 2017. Pune-based climber Ajij Shaikh has won a number of national climbing competitions. He was part of the Indian contingent in the first IFSC Climbing World Cup hosted in India in 2016. Siddhi Manerikar fell in love with the sport when she was selected for her school’s Republic Day demonstration. Ever since, she practised regularly on the climbing wall of her school.

For Adarsh Singh, who started climbing at age 13, it has always been about challenging himself and testing his own limits. He successfully completed Ganesha, one of India’s most difficult bouldering routes, in 2015. This 19-year-old from Delhi trains children at wall climbing about twice a week, and practises his sport the rest of the time. He says, “I want to push myself and this sport is the best place for me to do that.”

Youngsters Prerna Dangi, Shivani Charak, and Sandeep Maity, along with Prateeksha, Ajij, Adarsh, and Siddhi, too are making a name for themselves as wall climbers.

The sport

What laymen know to be ‘rock climbing’ has, in reality, many varieties. Bouldering is a form of climbing that is done on boulders and other small rock formations…

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