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Readers react to an article about parking issues the Pullman campus will face Friday because of the football game. WSU administrators told faculty, staff and students who possess parking permits they must vacate campus parking lots at 1 p.m. before the game. University administrators are offering free shuttle transportation from designated lots starting Friday morning until after the game, but have not canceled classes.

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Marilyn Washabaugh: “As much as I love football, the students are who pay the tuition. They should not be asked to move for the alumni and fans.”

Erick Hanseler: “The football game schedule has been known for months. Students have known that this was going to happen since they bought their pass. If you have a problem with it, you should have made it an issue back in mid-August and not a week before the game. Why should the alumni, who I might add, paid way more money than you did for the spot have that taken away?”

Marisa Cargin: “I understand having to move, but those of us that pay for those spots should be reimbursed for all those days we are unable to use the pass we paid a lot of money for.”

Kyle Strid: “Sports are prioritized over students and staff. As per usual.”

Clara Oliver: “Maybe one day they’ll remember that we are an academic institution and not the NFL. OK well, that’s just wishful thinking.”

Jalen Barnes: “This game has been known about well in advance (10 months to be exact). Everyone should have known coming into this year that the 29th is going to be a bad day for parking. It’s only one day this will happen. It’s kind of unfair to be making a fuss about it three days before the game starts when this game was made public very well in advance.”

Mekaela McKanna: “I find it absolutely unacceptable that out-of-town students are forced to give up parking they paid for. This will cause accessibility issues to campus for non-traditional students…

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