Fortis Riders Partnership Brings More Security to the Most Vulnerable Part of High-Net-Worth Travel

Chauffeured service is the most vulnerable part of a principal’s travel.

Think of travel security like a suit. A discerning global traveler needs a suit that fits him for every occasion.

Fortis Riders, a leading global chauffeured management company, announced today that it is formally partnering with Tegumen to enhance its security offerings for elite private travel. Tegumen is widely recognized as a leading-edge purveyor of risk intelligence and protective security expertise for corporate leadership. Through the partnership, Fortis Riders is now able to offer intelligence services, executive protection, and an array of other security services.

“Think of travel security as a suit,” explains Nathan Foy, CEO of Fortis Riders. “A discerning global traveler needs a suit that fits him for every occasion. Advance intelligence, known threats against a company and principal, risk assessments of the location, local customs and events, all create unique demands and adaptive solutions. Tegumen helps Fortis Riders provide a custom fit for each of our client’s needs.”

Chauffeured service is in fact the most vulnerable part of a principal’s global travel. As Gavin de Becker wrote in his book Just Two Seconds, 64% of attempted attacks take place in or around the principal’s vehicle. At the same time, standards for chauffeured travel are unregulated and globally inconsistent, and most clients do not know what security features to expect from a chauffeured service, or which ones are even possible.

The Fortis Riders technology team is known for leading edge security products, most notably its patented secure communications platform that connects all involved parties to a ride. With Tegumen as its partner, Fortis…

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