For Women Considering or Currently Navigating Divorce, SAS for Women Offers A New Online Master Class with Critical Legal, Financial, Practical & Emotional Insights

SAS for Women support and solutions for thriving beyond divorce

“This class was my first step in actualizing a plan to create a new life for myself …”

New York, NY: Designed for women by women, the fundamental message from this Master Class is loud and clear: You need not know for certain if you are getting a divorce in order to become educated about what is possible for your life. Indeed, getting educated is what smart women do. Drawing upon the work and research of SAS Cofounders and educators, Liza Caldwell and Kimberley Mishkin, the Master Class webinar features a holistic overview of the “Four Stages of Divorce™”.

“Understanding where you are in the Stages,” says Caldwell, “helps you manage your expectations and anxiety as you come to realize you cannot Google-solve all the answers to your questions. You learn there is an unfolding path, and one that not only hinges on the legal or financial dimensions, but on the whole-life issues equally at stake: how will your decision impact the children? Your career, or going back to work? Your friends and family relationships? Your health? Your future? To that end, the webinar serves as a guide and ushers the woman who is contemplating or currently navigating divorce through critical decision making moments, such as “Should your or shouldn’t you divorce?” How to decide on the right legal process. What questions to ask an attorney? And where to turn to for the right, safe, and smart emotional support?” The goal of the class is educate a woman healthily and strategically, 360 degrees. Included in the class is a live Q&A where participants are invited to ask their real world questions and hear others’ insights; and ongoing tools after class, connecting participants to…

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