For Two Runners, Married Life Begins at Mile 6

She could. But there was no immediate tug of attraction; Mr. Salazar had a girlfriend, and Ms. Cetner was too interested in spiking the ball to take much notice of him.

“He seemed like a nice guy,” she said, “but I didn’t think much of it.”

That December, she broke her foot while going to block a shot, knocking her out of volleyball for a while. But by March 2013, she felt healthy enough to run in a chilly half marathon in Manhattan.


Fifty friends and family members waited for the bride and groom in Prospect Park.

Jessica Lehrman for The New York Times

In the runners’ corral, she recalled, “I saw this guy who was all bundled up, and he looked familiar, but I couldn’t really see him that well.” Slowed by her still-healing foot, she lost him in the crowd.

During her first game back with the volleyball team, she recognized the bundled figure: “I said, ‘Hey, did you run the half marathon?’”

Mr. Salazar said he had, and invited her to join his running group, whose members capped their Tuesday night runs in Manhattan with tacos and beer. The invitation wasn’t meant to be flirtatious. Mr. Salazar was still in an exclusive relationship.


The bride held a runner’s baton with pink peonies poking out as she was escorted down the grassy aisle by her father, John R. Cetner.

Jessica Lehrman for The New York Times

“But my personality has always been, like, the more the merrier,” said Mr. Salazar, who grew up in Brooklyn in what he called a festive Colombian family. His mother, Mavelly, and father, Dario, now live in Central Islip, N.Y.

Ms. Cetner soon began feeling relaxed around Mr. Salazar. “We could talk about…

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