Footage released of man ‘smashing’ policewoman’s head on ground before ‘ripping’ out chunk of her hair

Footage of a man beating a policewoman and ripping out a large chunk of her hair has been released, prompting calls for more efforts to highlight the impact of assault and abuse on officers.

PC Emma Agyei was assaulted in May 2017 after she was called out with other officers to a domestic incident in Bradley. A 50-year-old man was arrested, by her fellow officers from West Midlands Police 

Footage from her body-cam shows the moment she is forced to the floor by a 24-year-old man – the suspect’s son – after asking him to move away from her colleagues while they carried out the arrest. 

She can be heard screaming as he “smashes” her head on the ground and “wrenches” out a large chunk of her hair.

The footage then shows PC Agyei walking to the police car holding out her injured arm and breathing heavily. She tells other officers she is “fine” before getting in the car and, once alone, saying “Oh my God”.

Her attacker pleaded guilty to assault and was given a 12 weeks suspended sentence.

“We ended up on the floor together where he’s grabbed me by the back of my head and smashed my head on the road a couple of times. He’s wrenched my hair out and he held me by the throat,” said PC Agyei. 

“I was there for literally seconds but it felt like a long time until one of my colleagues was able to pull him off me.”

PC Emma Agyei describes moment she was attacked while on duty

She added: “I was in complete shock, because at the time he was pushing me and attacking me I was thinking I can’t believe this is happening, what do I do now? 

“I was trying to think of all the moves we’d been taught and what to do, but it was literally a matter of seconds. I couldn’t say very much for a while afterwards.”

PC Agyei’s ordeal was one of many, with figures showing two officers or police staff report being assaulted or racially or verbally abused every day in the West Midlands.

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