Five Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Holiday Photos

The holidays are a time for families to come together and celebrate the joy of the season; your family dog isn’t exempt from the festivities either! From stockings stuffed with bones to squeaky toys wrapped under the tree, your dog has many things to look forward to this holiday season. Fido can even join in the traditional holiday family photo. Whether you hired a photographer to take your photos in a snowy field or you’re setting up a tripod for a DIY session, preparation is always helpful when including your pup in a photo session.

Embrace Pet Insurance has assembled five tips for including your dog in your photos this year. They encourage their pet parents to use the #EmbraceYourPets hashtag, so they never miss a pup-star moment.

1. Schedule Grooming Accordingly

We all want to look best in our portraits, and our dogs are no exception. Plan for a grooming appointment the day before your photo session, and book it a few weeks ahead of time to ensure you get the date and time you want. Waiting until the day of can create an overbooked, stressful day for a pup. Don’t forget to add a nail grinding since the nails might show up in some of the close-up shots.

2. Stock Up On Treats

Getting your dog to look at the camera can be the difference between an okay image and a great portrait. Be sure to pack your dog’s favorite treats – and don’t be shy! When it comes time to get your dog’s attention, give the treats to the photographer. If you’re taking your own photos, it will be helpful to have a friend along who can help focus your dog’s attention. Once all the human family members are posed and ready, have the assistant -who is standing near the camera – bring out a treat to get your dog’s attention. Be sure to get your dog’s attention last because he won’t be able to stay focused very long.

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