Fireside Arts and Music aims to teach students music and art without using paper.

Dog-eared music books and folders full of sheet music dotted with edits, scribbles and reminders — learning an instrument requires a lot of paper — until now.

Fireside Arts and Music is Conifer’s new, family-owned, one-stop-shop for music and art needs. Whether you’re an adult looking to brush-up on long-forgotten piano skills or a child looking to learn the ukulele or the ins and outs of photography, the teachers at Fireside will help you and save some trees along the way.

After Fireside opened its brick-and-mortar-location in April for private and group classes, executive director Tyler Phillips said he and vice president Carly Howard realized they needed to find a way to go paperless.

“I just see how much paper is wasted,” Phillips said. “A page of scales gets used one time, then put in some stack or thrown away.”

By Oct. 16, Phillips said he hopes to have the almost entirely paperless system in place, as well as a remodeled retail space for supplies, like guitar strings. Now, each of the four studios has 36-inch monitors mounted on the walls for teachers to plug their own computers into and for students to learn from. In January, Phillips plans to offer around 10 tablets for the students to use when they come to class, but he’ll “let demand dictate” if they need to offer more.

“There is something about having the paper and being able to touch it, and especially when we do composition classes and songwriting classes, there is something about being able to touch the paper, erase, write, see your edits and all that, so we do still use some paper in those instances. But, we’re very careful about it,” he said.

Even with the tangible ease paper brings, Phillips said he is looking into composition and songwriting software to ease the transition away from paper.

“The styluses will help the kids see, in real-time, the edits that they’re making. It will still be a tactile experience, but not necessarily a wasteful tactile experience,”…

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