Financial Poise™ Announces “PRIVATE M&A BOOT CAMP,” a Five-Part Webinar Series, Premiering January 18th at 10am CST, Through West LegalEdcenter

This webinar discusses all these steps from a macro perspective so that you can see the forest from the trees, but does not do a deep dive into any one of them.

Corporate transactions (or “deals”) include many types of transactions. Viewed broadly, a deal can be a very small matter such as drafting a purchase order, a non-compete agreement, or myriad other single purpose agreements necessary to document a legal relationship between two parties and extend to large multi-national acquisitions and financings. One of the most significant types of transactions a company can enter into, however, and the type that is commonly thought of as needing a “deal” lawyer, is a Mergers and Acquisitions transaction.

M&A (mergers and acquisitions), viewed broadly, includes buying or selling all or part of a business, as well as other business combinations, such as mergers. Such “deal” work commonly requires attorneys, accountants, T (i.e. investment bankers) to work together. This webinar series features leading M&A attorneys and other deal professionals speaking about private company M&A in roughly chronological order, guiding the audience through a conversation that spans from deal origination, the LOI (letter-of-intent) or term sheet, due diligence, document drafting and negotiation, closing, and post-closing. Issues addressed include tax planning; corporate governance; closing conditions; representations and warranties; indemnification provisions; earn-outs; restrictive covenants; antitrust; intellectual property; and employment. While many of the topics covered apply also to public company M&A, the focus of this webinar series is on M&A involving a privately owned company.

The first episode of the series, The M&A Process: Understanding the…

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