F&H Solutions Group Offers Harassment Prevention Training Courses to Fit your Organization’s Needs

In light of the recent news of sexual harassment allegations in the film industry and beyond, it is vital to remember to keep employees, customers and vendors safe and aware of any potential harassment situations that may occur in the workplace. Whether at work or at a work-related function, employers must make it a priority to encourage interaction while remaining legally defensible for all of those associated with their business.

F&H Solutions Group offers both employee and manager harassment training courses to fit an organization’s needs. Our knowledgeable and dependable consultants can conduct on-site training or provide a train-the-trainer experience so organizations can facilitate training themselves. In addition, F&H Solutions Group now offers comprehensive online harassment courses that can be shared remotely. Both employee and manager training is offered in order to clarify the different responsibilities each position may have if they are faced with a scenario involving any sort of harassment or hostile work environment.

“Companies need to move beyond compliance and become proactive on these issues,” says Brad Federman, Chief Operating Officer of F&H Solutions Group. “It is time organizations create environments where people feel safe, valued and respected on a consistent basis. A recent Bloomberg article found that nearly 80% of victims of harassment stay silent about their experience. Companies need to create cultures where people feel free to speak without fear of retaliation.”

In addition, Business Insider cites some harassment settlements cost companies as much as $250 million, not including the passive effects that harassment can have on a workplace, including low engagement, turnover, and overall loss of productivity. F&H Solutions Group helps ensure the safety of an organization’s…

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