Female news reader doesn’t bat an eyelid when huge SPIDER crawls over her shoulder during live TV report

A US news anchor presented a live segment with a spider crawling down her arm, much to the horror of some viewers.

Dallas-based Fox 4 presenter Shannon Murray was reporting on a protest held by workers at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport when the large eight-legged creature made its way up and down her bare arm and across her shoulder.


A spider appears on Shannon Murray’s arm in the middle of a report

After being hailed for her professional, unflinching manner during the broadcast, Murray later explained that she had no idea she gad a spider on her arm.

Having turned her creepy-crawly moment into a news segment of its own, the Fox 4 News channel posted it on Facebook.

Under the post, Murray wrote: “For those asking, YES I felt it! But I had no idea it was a spider until a VIEWER let me know on Facebook! EEK.”

Murray revealed that the person who had alerted her to the spider’s unwelcome presence on her arm had written, in frenzied capital letters: “SHANNON! YOU HAVE A SPIDER CRAWLING ON YOUR LEFT ARM!!!!”


And then it begins crawling down the back of her arm

Shannon Murray FOX 4

Along with a screen grab of the warning message, she wrote on Twitter: “THIS. JUST. HAPPENED. I knew I felt something on me!!”

She also joked: “Why do bad thinks happen to good people?”

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