Feather Pillow Retailer Enjoys Top Rating from TopConsumerReviews.com

Colorado-based Pillows puts the biggest selection of high-end bedding in the hands of the consumer.

TopConsumerReviews.com recently awarded their first-place ranking to Pillows, an industry leader in Feather Pillow sales.

One of the most important components of a good night’s sleep is the pillow, and sleepers’ preferences run the gamut from firm to fluffy. Feather Pillows offer a wide range of firmness, ideal for sleepers of all types, and the best selection of such pillows is available online. The top retailers can even help shoppers match a pillow they loved at a high-end hotel, so that they can have one for their bed at home.

“Colorado-based Pillows puts the biggest selection of high-end bedding in the hands of the consumer,” explained Brian Dolezal, of TopConsumerReviews.com, LLC. “If you’ve ever left an overnight stay at a Hilton, Hyatt, or other luxury hotel wishing you could take the pillows home, this is the retailer to shop to get them for your own home. Pillows’ easy-to-use website helps you find the very pillow you want, sorting your options by hotel name, manufacturer and price among their selection of 50+ options. With low-cost shipping of $5 per order, a customer-friendly 30-day return policy, and an excellent track record of quality, Pillows is our top choice for buying Feather Pillows online. It is our pleasure to give them our highest recommendation in 2017.”

To find out more about Pillows and other Feather Pillow retailers, including reviews and comparison rankings, please visit the Feather Pillows category of TopConsumerReviews.com at http://www.topconsumerreviews.com/feather-pillows/.

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