FACETER Token Sale Event Launches Blockchain Surveillance System

FACETER, a leading vendor of computer-vision surveillance technology powered by a fog network of miners, today announced their Token Sale Event (TSE) launches on February 01, 2018. FACETER is the first blockchain surveillance system for consumers. It is based on the company’s own decentralized network.


Starts February 1 with a presale that continues to March 1. During this stage FACETER will supply 8,000,000 tokens with price of $0.1 in ETH.

The open token sale starts March 10 (maybe launched earlier if presale is closed by reaching it’s hard cap) and continues to April 30. During that time 400,000,000 FCT (soft cap $5,000,000) will be supplied to the market.

FACETER offers special bonuses to investors that are allocated no more than 6.4 percent of total tokens during this stage. An extra 5 percent bonus is on offer for individual purchases greater than $10,000. Interested parties can purchase using ETH and BTC to participate in the sale.

“We decided to go with an ICO (initial coin offering) because we see a vast, largely untapped potential market, especially in the segment of AI-solutions for home users,” said CEO and FACETER cofounder Robert Pothier. “Many companies look in this direction. We are not just looking. We already have the market-ready advanced technology developed that will become affordable for consumers thanks to the miners who participate in our network and provide computational equipment.”

“Our algorithms are among the best in the world,” affirmed Pothier. “Our team has decades of experience in software development and management of high-tech companies. That includes nearly four years of work with neural networks and applying neural net learnings to computer vision tasks.”

“We are eager to bring FACETER’s innovative technology to the mass market as soon as…

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