Exposure to Toxic Materials and Sufficient Fire Protection Shouldn’t Be Things That Keep Sleepers Awake at Night

What’s really in your mattress?

“With others’ lives in our hands, we adhere to the strictest markers of quality, AS 9100C which satisfies DOD, NASA and FAA quality requirements…and that is the same standard we bring to Comfort Technology.” CEO Stanley Switlik II.

Mattresses today can be scary, despite all of the federal regulations to make mattresses safe for you. Are toxic materials being used to provide sufficient fire protection? These shouldn’t be things that keep sleepers awake at night instead of relaxing and recharging.

Introducing the SWITLIK Comfort Plus Sleep System, the safe solution. When thinking health and wellness, a mattress is probably bottom of the list filled with yoga, going to the gym, other exercise, and healthy eating but in reality, the mattress could be one of the most powerful tools to fight off a host of health issues including colds and flus, obesity, depression, heart disease and other maladies.

The Comfort Plus Sleep System’s unique Comfort Chamber is sealed to make it impervious to sweat, mites, mold and other contaminants. The Comfort Chamber and removeable cover are both launderable to keep them exceptionally clean, significantly reducing bacteria build-up and risks to your health.

The entire Sleep System has flame retardant (FR) properties that exceed what’s required by regulations. The cover is made of environmentally friendly materials that are all inherently flame retardant (IFR).

“Safety is something we take very seriously at SWITLIK. Every day, people depend worldwide on our line of SWITLIK premium survival products in the most demanding conditions, from Mach speeds at 30,000 feet to the open seas during hurricanes. With others’ lives in our hands, we adhere to the…

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