Exclusive: Orrin Hatch: A unified framework for more jobs, fairer taxes and bigger paychecks

Ravell Call, Deseret News

Tax reform will be a catalyst to allow hardworking American families to keep more of their incomes and businesses to grow, hire, invest and compete here and abroad. After too many years of sluggish economic growth and stagnant wages, the time for tax reform is now.

The word “pivot” is overused in our political discourse. Case in point: I’ve heard a lot about the president and Congress’ recent “pivot” to tax reform, as though the effort is only now beginning.

The truth is the current tax reform effort is years in the making.

In fact, when I took over as the lead Republican on the Senate Finance Committee in 2011, the committee and its members were focused and anxious to study, examine and vet policies to remake our tax system to meet the demands of today’s economy.

For the last six years, our committee has published numerous options papers and a 200-plus-page book on tax reform. Our bipartisan working groups have produced several reports of their own. And we have held 70 separate hearings on tax issues.

That work took a leap forward early this year when leaders from both chambers of Congress and the administration started working together to produce an agreed-upon framework for drafting tax reform legislation. Since then, we were able to resolve a number of fundamental differences, which led to the unveiling of a unified framework to help fix America’s outdated and…

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