Erdogan Says He Will Extend His Sweeping Rule Over Turkey

A recent referendum victory gave Mr. Erdogan the power to rule by decree from 2019 onward, provided that he wins presidential elections held that year. But his announcement on Sunday means he can continue to wield such power in the intervening period.

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I Saw the Decline of a Democracy

What my reporting in Turkey told me about how its autocratic president is seizing power.

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International rights groups say that while the state of emergency was initially justified because it followed a coup attempt that left at least 249 people dead, it is now being used as a pretext for quashing dissent.

“What we’ve seen is that instead of using the state of emergency to counter genuine threats to national security, it’s been abused to stifle criticism of the ruling A.K. party,” said Andrew Gardner, a Turkey researcher for Amnesty International, using the Turkish initials for Mr. Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party. “And there’s every signal that that will continue.”

Amnesty says it will publish a report on Monday detailing the “catastrophic impact” that the state of emergency — and the purges it has precipitated — has had on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Turkish families. “More than 100,000 people have not just lost their jobs, in a completely arbitrary process, but had their professional and personal lives shattered as well,” Mr. Gardner said.

As far back as December, legal experts from the Council of Europe, an influential pressure group, warned that if the Turkish government “rules through emergency powers for too long, it…

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