Ensuring every community in America has access to high-quality broadband

Broadband infrastructure legislation has been building momentum in recent weeks.  Several bills have been introduced, Infrastructure Week created a buzz, and the Trump administration says that an infrastructure plan will be released soon. What does this all mean for America’s invisible broadband infrastructure and our digital future?

As we video-call people across the world, access eBooks at our fingertips, and integrate online activities into our everyday lives, we often take for granted the underlying broadband transport that enables them.  Wireless antennas fill the airwaves above the earth with digital code, and fiber optic cables weaving below our soil make this interconnected communications possible. Even though people use elusive terms like “the cloud,” broadband networks are just as physical an infrastructure as our nation’s bridges, roads, and sewers. In fact, broadband is a “meta-infrastructure” that enhances transportation, electricity, and agriculture.


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