Want to buy a piece of Lose YourselfStan and The Real Slim Shady?

In a potentially pioneering venture, shares in Eminem’s entire hit catalog will be going public, as the Bass Brothers production team offers part of its multimillion-dollar royalty stream for investment.

Those involved in the arrangement say it’s first of a kind — a chance for investors, including everyday fans, to buy stock in one of the 21st Century’s most valuable music catalogs.

A filing today with the Securities Exchange Commission will get the ball rolling as the Bass Brothers and their partners head for a spot on the stock exchange.

Mark and Jeff Bass, who helped develop the Detroit rapper, hold a substantial interest in every Eminem recording since 1999, when The Slim Shady LP propelled the artist born Marshall Mathers to global stardom.

Their Ferndale-based FBT Productions signed Eminem to a local record deal in 1995, transferring that contract to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records three years later. Since then, FBT has enjoyed a royalty payout for all Eminem music sales, downloads, streams, and licensing of tracks for films and commercials.

The company says those earnings have grown significantly since FBT successfully sued Aftermath for royalties in 2011.

As Eminem hit big on Dre’s label, the Bass Brothers kept working with the Detroit rapper for several years, producing and co-writing hits such as Without MeCleanin’ Out My Closet and the Oscar-winning Lose Yourself.

Eminem continues to earn his own money from his songs and recordings, and he’s not involved in the new royalty sale.

The Bass Brothers’ move comes amid the digital-streaming boom via services such as Spotify and Apple Music. In the first half of this year, streaming revenue was up 48% over 2016, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, totaling $2.5 billion.

Despite no new album since…