Emergency T8 Tubes With Backup Built Right In The Tube Available from LED Corporations

Easy To Read LED Emergency Backup Controller

Lasts Up To 90 Minutes In Emergency Lighting Situations

LED Corporations, manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor of innovative, high-value LED emergency lighting products and accessories, offers versatile emergency LED tube lights that serve as a reliable, long-lasting light source in the event of a power outage.

The emergency T8 tube is an LED tube that features a built-in rechargeable battery backup, eliminating the need for emergency backup battery ballast. When power is disconnected, the unit will operate at 30 percent, continuing to provide necessary illumination for the application for up to 90 minutes independently.

They are not the same as our Battery backup for LED lights they are truly the entire T8 LED tube light with the backup built in manufactured by LED Corporations are engineered for long-lasting utility, cutting energy consumption versus standard fluorescent tubes. They are constructed using a solid aluminum heat sink running the length of the lamp to preserve function and extend service life. Our emergency T8 tubes are rigorously tested and approved by third-part quality control engineers during production to guarantee performance.

LED Corporations’ emergency T8 tubes offer reliability in critical applications.

  •      Built-in nickel-metal hydride emergency battery backup with 90-minute battery life
  •      Unit can be recharged over 1,000 times
  •      Fire-resistant sleeves
  •      Dual or single-ended power
  •      Optional motion sensor
  •      Test button feature with colored lights indicating power state, battery charge, sensors, and malfunctions
  •      4 ft. in length, 18 watts, 1980 lumens, 120-277 volts,…

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