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The recent installation of an electric car charger at the downtown Fredericksburg parking garage is one more indication of what seems to be a growing movement toward non-fossil fuel vehicles.

With the addition of the parking garage charger, there are now seven electric car charging stations in the area. There are five charging stations in Fredericksburg and two in Stafford, according to Virginia Clean Cities.

Virginia Clean Cities reports that there are 447 charging stations statewide.

Another indicator of a growing electric car movement is an aggressive plan by Reston-based Electrify America (created by the Volkswagen Group of America). Electrify America is leading a $2 billion project over the next decade to add improved and more powerful charging stations in 39 states and major metro areas nationwide, including Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

The program aim is to beef up the electric vehicle charger infrastructure by adding more than 450 stations and 2,500 charges.

Numerous new charging stations, mostly north of the Fredericksburg region, recently opened as part of the program. Fifty new stations are planned to be opened by September.

More than 300 of the new stations will be installed at “workplaces, retail, multifamily residential locations and municipal lots and garages,” according to Electrify America.

Hundreds of the charges also will be installed along interstate and major highways in high-traffic corridors.

Maybe some of those chargers could be installed on the shoulder of Interstate 95. That way, electric car owners could juice up their rides while sitting in the persistent traffic jams on the interstate.

Dear Scott: On northbound I–95, there is exit 133A and 133B. When exiting on the ramp the two exits are not marked A or B, just 133.

I would never have noticed but a visiting friend missed her turn because…

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