Education Proves Effective as TPA Helps Employer Groups Reduce Dialysis Care Spending by Nearly $5 Million

The impact of these programs is much greater than the dollars saved: people are better managing their conditions, getting healthier in the process and enjoying an improved quality of life.

Seeing health plans experiencing more cases of kidney disease, Cypress Benefit Administrators is proactively working with its employer-clients to address the issue and has implemented two programs which have already led to $4.9 million in dialysis savings and reduced hospital admissions since 2015.

The third party administrator (TPA) has partnered with Renalogic to offer the Dialysis Claim Management and add-on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management programs.

With CKD affecting 1 in 9 people in the U.S., these solutions have provided Cypress clients with a full risk analysis to determine if there are plan members who are susceptible to developing kidney disease or undiagnosed with existing issues.

Additionally, the Renalogic programs coordinate plan language on behalf of self-funded plans administered through Cypress and effectively manage the dialysis claim and re-pricing process. They are also focusing on elements of prevention and outreach that aim to educate employees on how to safeguard their kidney and overall health. These include personalized, targeted interventions by individual and disease management monitoring.

“Kidney disease has consistently been one of the costliest conditions in terms of health claim spending, but it is also one of the most predictable and preventable,” said Tom Doney, president and CEO of Cypress. “We’re finding first-hand that placing more emphasis on education early on can help reduce the progression and severity of kidney conditions.”

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