Early Bird Pricing Ends Nov. 17 for Building a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program Workshop, Dec. 14-15, 2017

Advertising and Promotion Dec 2017

Building a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program

**Presented by FDAnews**

Dec. 14-15, 2017, Raleigh, NC


Early bird pricing for Building a World-Class Advertising and Promotion Review Program ends on Friday, Nov. 17.

In 2016 the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion issued 11 enforcement letters. A 20 percent increase from 2015. Six of those 2016 letters were issued in December alone. What is the meaning of OPDP’s recent upswing in enforcement?

Face it: Manufacturers need help. Not with creating better ads and promotions — they already know how to do that — but for making sure promotional activities aren’t magnets for warning letters.

Come to Raleigh in Dec. for two days of intense learning. Attendees will arrive back home with a bag full of tricks and tips to keep all marketing efforts squeaky-clean.

  • Understanding Pre-Approval Communications: Don’t get on the FDA’s or SEC’s radar screens before a product is even approved. Learn how to properly disclose information and remain in compliance.
  • How to Maximize Disease Awareness Communications: Take away valuable tips and tricks for using disease awareness communications pre- and post-approval.
  • Hurray! You’re Approved: Build the most aggressive — but compliant — campaign from first day of approval to commercial launch.
  • Assuring Your Promotions Meet FDA Off-Label Standards: Successfully navigate 4 major traps that can earn a warning letter fast.
  • Itching to do More with Social Media?: Discover how to get the message out there … without crossing the line.
  • Understanding Off-Label Communications: How will the November 2016 memo and January 2017…

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