‘Dudes & Dolly’ at Music Hall gives ‘Women &’ a new twist | Features

They have made a switcheroo. The popular “Women &” series at the Charleston Music Hall, produced by Charles Carmody and organized by Hazel Ketchum and Lindsay Holler, now will present the show “Dudes & Dolly.”

In a way, it celebrates female contributions to popular music even more forcefully than the regular format.

Past shows (there have been eight of them) put female vocalists at the microphone and assemble male back-up bands for the purpose of covering the songs of some male star, such as Bob Dylan or David Bowie or Tom Waits or Sam Cooke.

This show features two all-female bands and celebrates the songs of country music legend Dolly Parton. A bunch of fellas will do the crooning: Joel Hamilton, Bill Carson, Justin Osborne, Johnny Matthews, Matt Williams, Bob Culver, David Grant, Joe Marlow, Jeff Meierer and John Holenko.

“When we thought about doing the flip, we really wanted to do that completely, with an all-female band,” Holler said. “Finding the singers was easy. First say ‘Dolly,’ then say ‘Music Hall,’ and you’re set.”

The concert, scheduled for 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19, will be divided into two parts. One set — Ketchum’s — will showcase Parton’s bluegrass works. The backup band is The Cotton Ginnys, consisting of Ketchum on drums, Kristen Meierer on bass, Lisa Deakins on fiddle and Lauren Bevins-Cahill on mandolin.

The other set — Holler’s — will include a lot of pop tunes from the 1970s. The backup band is The Western Polaroids, made up of Holler on guitar, Jess Oliver on drums, Kim Larson on bass and Camille Rhoden on keys.

Master of Ceremonies Devin Grant, a local music writer, will introduce the artists and provide other information.

Carmody, who doubles as manager of the Music Hall, said the idea to turn the formula on its head has been percolating for months. The “Dudes &” construct…

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