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It was suppose to be a one-hour meeting, but the Sept. 6 joint City Council and Planning Commission meeting ran over about 15 minutes and could have gone on much longer.

The occasion was a PowerPoint presentation of the Brea Core Planning Effort, conducted by Placeworks, the community planning and design consultants hired by the city to help establish a new long-term plan for the city’s future growth.

The plans or concepts presented emphasized such points as long-term development, zoning and infrastructure.

The presentation addressed development divided into districts within the Brea Core boundaries starting east from the 57 Freeway and the Brea Plaza Center, west to Berry Street, north to Lambert Road and south to Imperial Highway. Those districts included a creative district in the Berry/Lambert area, a tech campus on Lambert, a downtown core, a mixed-use hub at the Brea Mall and mixed-use transition areas at the Brea Plaza and on South Imperial Highway.

In between the downtown core and mall area is a large residential area, much of which is already there but could later include more multi-family, mixed-use housing.

The concept of the districts seemed to mainly come about through interviews with stakeholders such as property owners, developers and business owners.

“It was conceived after talking to business owners, and not the citizens,” Mayor Cecilia Hupp said.

Hupp and the rest of the council asked that at a community meeting be planned for October because they felt they need to learn what the people want, not key landowners.

“Land use planning needs public input,”  Councilwoman Christine Marick said, and the rest of the council and commissioners present agreed with her.

While the report was not a repeat of the Brea Envisions Community Strategic Plan, it did include some aspects of it, since the Brea Envisions Committee’s goal was gathering information on what Breans want for Brea’s future. Some points, such as more walking and biking paths…

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