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Dragon Hills: Free App of the Week by Apple – Mobile Computing Today

Dragon Hills Free App of the Week by Apple

Apple recently revealed the free app of the week and it is ‘Dragon Hills’ which is now ready to entertain a lot more people. The app is all about fun and you will not feel bored if you are alone somewhere. It is available for iPhone as well as iPad. It is an action-packed adventurous game which will be ready to entertain you any time.

There is a princess who is on a revenge mission. So now it is all about doing the tasks by own and not waiting for a prince to come and save the life. Princess is now trying to control the dragon and the strokes are such that it will easily kill the time whenever you want. Jump the hills and slide down at various points. You can simply crash everything coming on your way. Find new areas and defeat the competitors. The best thing about Dragon Hills is that it is a universal game. The game works equally well in iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod Touch. You need not have to worry about the screen-size. Therefore you need not have to download the game every time you play it on different devices.

This app is providing different kinds of dragon. Therefore you have a number of choices from which you can select the best you think. The app is loaded with some cool names which high-quality graphics. Therefore you will definitely enjoy this game as soon as you start using it. Dragon Hills is also loaded with high-quality weapons which will further enhance the experience of playing this game. If you are a new user then you will…

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