Dr. David Peachey, author of report guiding Winnipeg health overhaul, weighs in on changes – Manitoba

The first phase of a major health-care overhaul in Winnipeg is slated to move forward next week, with one emergency department converting to an urgent care centre and one urgent care centre shutting its doors.

Manitoba Health Minister Kelvin Goertzen has called the reform the biggest change to health care “in a generation,” and says it will result in more efficient, higher-quality care for patients.

Critics of the plan say it’s moving too quickly, reducing quality of care and will cost front-line jobs.

The changes are guided by a report commissioned by the former NDP government in 2015 and completed by a team led by Nova Scotia-based consultant Dr. David Peachey.

Peachey was in Manitoba on Tuesday to speak at a news conference for the first time since he presented his report, Provincial Clinical and Preventive Services Planning for Manitoba: Doing Things Differently and Better, in April.

CBC’s Erin Brohman spoke to him to hear his thoughts on the province’s progress.

This transcript has been edited for length and clarity.

You said things are rolling out quite well. Why do you say that? This is a time of a lot of disruption and change and upset for a lot of people.

You know what I was really impressed with, is that the things that were key to start, is that there’s an infrastructure put in place by the shared health services, there are clinical leadership groups put in place, there’s a clinical governance put in place, and then you take the information we saw today has really saw through the granularity of what change will mean.

I think you’ve gone as quickly as you possibly could and it’s really comprehensive, so quite honestly I’m thrilled with how it’s unfolding.

Dr. David Peachey thrilled by report implementations0:03

You made a lot of recommendations in consolidating the emergencies and having a more efficient system that way. Do you think the changes are happening maybe a little…

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