Donald Trump’s Base: Non-Ideological Conservatives

At some point, Sean Hannity’s sycophantic behavior stopped bothering me. I began having fun with it, trying to guess where Hannity might draw the line and push back on something President Trump did or said, just to try and entertain myself. I do suppose that line exists somewhere out there, but it has proven harder to find than I would have guessed:

This would be somewhat mystifying if it were not so entertaining.

Both sides of the political aisle have always had their own hyper-partisans, of course.

Public figures’ twisting themselves into contortions to defend “their person” is nothing new. They call it “partisanship” for a reason, after all. But there is nothing “partisan” about the utterly incoherent alliances that seem to form and dissolve so quickly in the Age of Trump. Something altogether more bizarre is at work.

Consider another celebrity on the pro-Trump right, Ann Coulter. Her response to Trump’s quickly softening DACA stance has not been so forgiving as Hannity’s:

Coulter is the author of In Trump We Trust, and was arguably the loudest supporter of the president’s hardline immigration stances during the campaign. I actually disagree with critics who believe she wasn’t bright enough to foresee that Trump would never deliver on his wild immigration promises; I believe she saw a chance to double dip — first by being Trump’s highest-profile supporter, and then by being the first of his high-profile supporters to turn on him when he inevitably failed to fix American immigration to their liking. But I digress.

Steve Bannon said on 60 Minutes

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