Don advocates unique identification numbers for Nigerians

A professor of Statistics, Kayode Ayinde, has called for a unique identification number to make every Nigerian traceable in order to curb corruption and social vices within and outside the country.

Ayinde, Head of Statistics Department, Federal University of Technology, Akure, in Abuja on Wednesday said this would also enhance better planning and sustainable development the country.

“Most of the problems and crises we have in the country today, to the best of my knowledge; is because of the fact that we don’t have good statistics.

“We need good statistics for planning and if you plan with statistics, then you are going to have development.

“For example, if you look at CBN, we have the issue of BVN that came in.

‘’The banking sector was having some problems but with the introduction of BVN, you can see a lot has been achieved in the banking industry.

“Anytime my international passport is expired, they will give me another number. In a country that actually aims at development, you suppose to have a number that is unique to you.’’

“We need to have a structure on ground that will make anybody in this nation identifiable and traceable.’’

Ayinde said that developed countries curb corruption and criminal activities with the aid of statistics.

The don also called for the appointment of core statisticians as Statistician-General by the Federal and States Government.

Ayinde said that appointments of non-statisticians to such positions greatly affect the quality of data in the country.

“The point I feel now is that you can’t give what you don’t have, that is fundamental.

“Imagine, someone who is trained as a statistician from first degree until PhD level and he is not giving an opportunity to hold such position.

“We need to compare the performance of such if he is given the opportunity with the person that doesn’t have the knowledge of statistics.

“We need well-trained individuals. So I feel strongly that the head of Bureau of…

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