Distribution Partners of Press Releases Services Matter (A Lot)

Press release services shouldn’t just be about writing and mass producing press releases for a company or website. Submissions to various news websites should also be part of those services. Now, it takes experience in press release submissions and extensive knowledge about the most visited news feeds, newspapers, and other submissions websites for a press release services company to be truly effective at promoting a company or website—which is ultimately the goal of producing these articles in the first place.

There are many news feed websites where anyone can submit articles for free. There are also very popular sites that require an annual or monthly fee. As clients, you may pay for the membership fee if your press release services company isn’t subscribed to the news website where you want to submit your press releases. Of course, it would be so much better if the company offers a chance for distribution in paid press release websites like PRNewsWire.com, PRWeb.com and BusinessWire.com. There are press release services that invest in these subscriptions, attracting more clients with their wide distribution partners.

These paid distribution sites normally have a higher advantage than the free services. One, they are regarded by Internet users as credible sources of information, that the articles published there are written by professional writers and reporters. Two, journalists often refer to these major news websites for references, or for finding new stories from which they can write new, and more interesting articles. Three, they have higher PageRanks than the free services. Paid news websites are usually PR8, while free services are around the PR4 level. This means that backlinks coming in from the former have more weight than the latter.

The exposure and traffic that a website can get from getting published in reputable press release distribution sites are the priorities. It is possible to handle press release writing and distribution by yourself, but…

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