Discovery of Indianapolis reduces ocean’s great wrecks to two

One of my favorite all-time interviews is Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who in 1985 discovered The Titanic.

In February of 2012, Ballard told me there were three major finds that remained at the bottom of the ocean: “The ones you hear about are Shackleton’s ship The Endurance. We know where it is, it would just take money to get to it,” he told me. “Certainly The Indianapolis is a famous ship that has never been found. Everybody has been going after Amelia Earhart’s airplane.”

Speaking of money … all it takes is one billionaire with millions to burn to find one of those three.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen announced on his Twitter feed that his personally-funded expedition discovered The USS Indianapolis, one of the most famous ships involved in WWII.

The story of the Indianapolis, made more famous by a speech delivered by Robert Shaw in the movie “Jaws,” is worth reading. There is hell, and there is surviving The Indianapolis.

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