Have you ever thought that what makes goggle to showcase the results so fast as soon as you enter anything? Well, in normal layman’s language, we can compare the internet search engines like Google, yahoo or bing as the index or the contents page of the book. And the whole matter present in World Wide Web today can be compared to the book. Search Engine then is nothing but a man made electronic index which can find out which information is present where on the basic of the perceived priority. For your website to perform better, you are just required to make your content visible to Search Engines at the top pages of the book.

Web search engines find out all the information present on the web depending upon how much your websites allow the engine to perceive and store them in cache or server. Then it decides and arranges all the information based upon the priority and features the information in terms of pages. Almost all best search engines have about 10 results per page. However, SERPs i.e. search engine results pages can go till infinity.

Its working can be illustrated by a simple example. Suppose you want to search a simple word ‘name’, it will look on all the websites that contain the word ‘name’ and then will provide the results on the basis of the priority. Now the equation is what makes one website to be at top of the Web Search Engine result and the other at low ranks. Well this is decided by search engine algorithm. The reason why goggle is treated as best search engine is because of its Google algorithm. There are various factors which govern these algorithms.

Some factors within goggle algorithm are hard to understand but there are some which you can easily follow and can make your website appear at the top result. If you are looking for making a top rank on search engines, the best way is to submit your site yourself to the search engine. Generally web search engines tend to find out the websites on their own. They keep an eye over major…

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