Different Defenses a DUI/DWI Lawyer Can Use to Beat DUI/DWI Charges

Most people have gotten a traffic ticket at least one or two times in their lifetime, whether they deserve it or not, even knowing that accumulating points on the driving license can result in higher insurance rates and costly fines. But if you are willing to fight your traffic ticket, a traffic ticket lawyer can be very helpful in getting the ticket dismissed or reduced the fines and punishments. After examining your breath, blood or urine test and other evidences, a traffic lawyer can challenge your ticket in many ways. Some of them are as follows:


Challenging the Cause of arrest:  Every police officer should have a probable cause while pulling over anybody with DUI suspicion and conducting a breath, urine or blood test. Your lawyer, after examining all the facts and evidences, can challenge your stop citing that there was no probable cause to arrest you.


Different Reasons for the Weaving While Driving:  Weaving gives a police officer to stop you as dunked. But your lawyer can argue that there were other reasons of weaving like eating, using cell phone, exhaustion or other distractions.


 Wrong Observation: Sometimes blood-shot eyes, perspiration, and uneven speeches give reasons to a police officer to suspect on you for DUI/DWI. If the police officer gives such explanation about your appearance but your lawyer can defend you saying that there can be some other non DUI explanation such as feeling sick, having some allergies or hay fever, nervousness and embarrassment.


The smell of alcohol:  After pulling you over, the police officer can give reasons about the strong smell of alcohol from your mouth. There can be a possible defense that alcohol itself has no odor, the smell could be because of some other non alcoholic drink with same odor.


Failed to inform Miranda Rights: It is mandatory for the police officer to explain a person about Miranda rights (rights to remain silent, hiring an attorney to defend you). If the…

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