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In a scene from the 1993 thriller “Falling Down,” Robert Duvall’s character, soon-to-be-retired LAPD Sergeant Martin Prendergast, was told by his captain, William Yardley, “I never liked you. You know why? You don’t curse. I don’t trust a man who doesn’t curse. … Real men curse.”

Captain Yardley may have been on to something. According to a recent study conducted at the University of Cambridge, the more you curse, the more honest you are.

“There are two ways of looking at it. You might think if someone is swearing a lot, this is a negative social behavior,” study co-author David Stillwell told the London Daily Mail. “On the other hand, they are not filtering their language so they are probably also not putting their stories … through similar filters which might turn them into untruths.”

American political consultants clearly read the study, because C-SPAN is starting to sound like a loading dock.

Earlier this month at a health care forum in San Francisco, California’s junior U.S. senator, Kamala Harris, said, “Like this guy, this congressman, you might as well say, ‘People don’t starve because they don’t have food.’ What the f**k is that?”

Later on, Harris was about to swear a second time, but bit her tongue and drew laughs from the audience.

She’s not the only one who has a potty mouth. During a discussion of law enforcement and community issues, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez recently said, “If you don’t have the trust of the community as a police officer, then you ain’t got s**t,” and he told a New Jersey Working Families Alliance event in March that Republicans “don’t give a s**t about people.”

If you’re wondering how spontaneous Perez’s cursing was, by the end of the week the shop at was selling “Democrats give a s**t about people” T-shirts.

No word on how long it will take for them to come out with the commemorative pins.

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