Demco Software-Powered Custom Mobile Solution Prepares Adventist University Med Students for the Field

Through our Boopsie app, students can connect with us outside of the physical library, achieving academic excellence on their time while recognizing the key part that our Library’s resources and services play.

Demco Software has partnered with the R.A. Williams Library to support the educational programs and goals of the Adventist University of Health Sciences. Working closely with the Library, the leading provider of solutions for 21st-century libraries has developed a mobile app that leverages its well-known Boopsie technology and long-standing partnerships with medical content providers to extend the Library’s reach.

Through a University-branded, user-friendly interface, the R.A. Williams Library app provides students with seamless access to the highest quality resources, including the Library’s catalog, EBSCOhost and other key pages on the Library’s website. The app also features push notifications that instantly notify researchers about important updates, special hours, new content and other new Library developments.

“Smartphones are ubiquitous in the healthcare setting, used by both practicing physicians and by med students who will soon be entering the life-saving field. With this application, we are meeting the needs of the most active users and providing a comprehensive solution that facilitates access to the most relevant and urgent information at their fingertips,” shared Ravi Singh, Executive Director of Demco Software. “A recent survey found that over 90% of students and physicians have smartphones and 82.9% have used these devices at least once in a clinical setting. With its Boopsie mobile app, R.A. Williams Library is preparing students for the demands of working in the healthcare field while streamlining…

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