Deline, N.W.T., government brings holiday cheer to those in need – North

Anyone in Deline who needs a helping hand this holiday season has a place to stay warm and fill their stomach, thanks to the Deline Got’ine Government.

The government has arranged for people to patrol the streets at night to find people who are intoxicated or need a place to stay. Once found, they are taken to the Cultural Centre where they are provided with soup, sandwiches, a bed and TV.

The program began on Dec. 22 and is continuing until Jan. 3.  

The idea for this program stemmed from concerned elders and community members, said Paulina Roche, the Deline Got’ine Government’s director of programs and services.

“They don’t want anybody out there, wandering, with no place to go,” said Roche.

“They didn’t want anybody out there not eating. They’re concerned about the holidays, because every family is pretty busy,” she said.

The government has also put together activities, which will also run until Jan. 3, like a handball and volleyball tournament, a family fun night and a New Year’s celebration. They also provided people in need with turkeys, ham, food vouchers and food hampers.

Roche said that the government’s goal is to support the community during the holiday season.

“We want to make sure everybody is safe. We want to make sure everybody is taken care of. We want to make sure that people are fed … We want to make sure that we are there for the community,” she said.

Temporary shelter a 1st

This year is the first year the government created a temporary shelter, said Roche.

During past holiday seasons, people scouted the community to look for residents who needed to be taken home, but had a hard time finding a place for them to stay. 

“We didn’t know where to bring them,” Roche said.

According to Roche this year has been a success so far and she’s heard positive reviews about the program from community members, elders and the RCMP. She also said that the Cultural Centre is open to everybody, not just those who…

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