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The state’s emergency hay transportation assistance program applies to personal expenses, the agricultural commissioner said this week.

There has been confusion about that point as the application deadline approaches, North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said.

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture had extended the deadline for applications to Monday for either online submissions or for a postmark on mailed applications. It offered clarification on allowable expenses Thursday afternoon.

“There has been some confusion as to whether this program is only for commercial transportation expenses, which is not true,” Goehring said. “If you personally hauled more hay than you would in a typical year, those personal transportation expenses are eligible for consideration.”

The state’s program will provide some funding to producers in drought counties who had to haul additional hay between June 1 and Nov. 6. Personal transportation expenses are being calculated at $1.40 per loaded mille.

Applications for the emergency assistance are available online at Questions about filling it out may be directed to 844-642-4752. The exact amount of reimbursement is going to depend on how many applications are received and approved.

To be eligible, producers:

• Must be operating in a D2, D3, D4 County.

• Must own 25 animal unit equivalents or more of dairy cattle, beef cattle, bison, sheep or goats. Animal unit equivalents are explained on the application.

• Must be transporting hay for their own livestock operation.

• Must have incurred the costs between June 1 and Nov. 6.

• Must have transportation costs that lie outside the normal livestock operation.

• Must provide verifiable records of livestock inventories and hay transportation expenses.

Producers may also use the assistance to…

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