Dave Eggers’ New Children’s Book – Tablet Magazine

Dave Eggers (yes, that one) has just published a new children’s book about the Statue of Liberty. And it is a doozy.

Her Right Foot is a beautiful, oversized, lusciously-thick-paged hardcover with art by first-time picture book illustrator Shawn Harris. Harris mixes bright and bold India ink with deceptively kidlike and bold construction-paper collage; he and Eggers create an amusing, deadpan history of the Statue of Liberty that winds up being sneakily touching. Her Right Foot has the recursive, self-aware, literary quality of Eggers’s adult work, without being annoying (or worse, pretending to be a book for kids while actually being aimed at arch, too-cool-for-school grownups)…and Harris’s art gives Eggers’s text a huge boost, finding the perfect balance between striking + stark and detailed + funny.

Eggers offers us a mixture of normal-looking paragraphs and free verse. Like this, early on:

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