DATAMARK Delivers a Workforce Planning Toolkit for a Growing Regional Bank

“The toolkit allows bank process managers to forecast the need for staffing by plugging in anticipated document or transaction volumes.”

DATAMARK, Inc., a global provider of business process solutions for enterprise clients, has published a new case study highlighting the development of a workforce planning toolkit for a rapidly-growing regional bank.

The U.S.-based bank, enjoying strong year-to-year growth, has added more branches and significantly increased the number of consumer and commercial members through organic growth and acquisitions.

As it expanded its financial services offerings, the bank came to realize it needed an effective method for forecasting staffing needs. Hiring the right amount of people—no more, no less—would ensure that the bank would maintain a lean, efficient and cost-effective operation. The bank selected DATAMARK’s Business Engineering team to develop a solution: a customized toolkit that would allow managers to “plug and play” anticipated processing volumes and other workflow scenarios to accurately determine future staffing requirements.

The Business Engineering team spent several weeks in a deep-dive analysis of the bank’s operations. The team mapped business processes, uncovered potential areas of concern (processing bottlenecks or wasteful workflow steps), and calculated ideal staffing levels based on workflow volumes.

DATAMARK’s team successfully developed a customized workforce planning toolkit that the bank is using today to accurately forecast its staffing needs for a variety of financial services as it continues along its path of steady growth. The experience is documented in a new case study, available at this link:

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