Crowdster Announces Its Newest Client, The Arc of Mercer County

One of The Arc’s biggest annual events is the May walkathon! Preparations are underway for this year’s fundraiser.

Crowdster is proud to be working with and supporting the agency.

Crowdster is very excited to announce its newest client, The Arc of Mercer County. Crowdster is providing The Arc with a new service, Concierge. Concierge outsources fundraising to Crowdster so that non-profits can focus on their mission. Crowdster is currently helping to plan The Arc’s annual walkathon. The Arc has now outsourced their event planning, mailing campaigns, and user registration needs to Crowdster.

Crowdster has taken the heavy lifting of event planning and fundraising off of The Arc’s shoulders. For larger non-profits like this one, outsourcing can be especially beneficial, giving executive leaders the freedom to spend less time planning and more time doing. To ensure that the collaboration truly remains a joint effort, The Arc is fully involved with the planning and fundraising. To keep things running smoothly, Crowdster dedicated a team to work exclusively with The Arc, and that team is available whenever they are needed.

In a statement from Crowdster CEO Joseph Ferraro, he says, “The Arc of Mercer County’s mission – providing developmental and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities – is very noble, and Crowdster is proud to be working with and supporting the agency.”

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