Crowdfunders Literally ‘Put their Money Where their Mouth is’ – Tripling the Campaign Goal for Personal Chef Sous Vide Device Nise Wave

With Nise Wave, anyone can duplicate restaurant taste with an automatic process that prepares the perfect meal at home – even while they’re at work, working-out or involved in any activity away from the kitchen.

With the support of crowdfunding foodies on Kickstarter, presales of the new Nise Wave automated Wi-Fi sous vide cooking device have surpassed $100,000 – triple the original campaign goal.

Nise Tech CEO Rayner Mendes says the overwhelming support of busy people around the world who have pre-ordered Nise Wave on Kickstarter proves the need for a product that automates cooking to help people prepare healthy high-quality meals at home.

“Nise Wave solves a problem for young professionals who love gourmet food but are too busy to prepare it, and can’t afford fine dining every night,” Mendes said. “With Nise Wave, they can program the device to have a perfectly cooked steaks, chicken, cocktails, and desserts ready to eat when they arrive home, and they don’t have to have any cooking experience to do it.”

Nise Wave is an automated high-tech personal chef that can transform any pot of water into a precision cooking device using the sous vide method. By applying smart algorithms to allow users to schedule the exact time they would like to eat, Nise Wave offers ‘set it and forget it’ functionality.

Nise Wave’s Wi-Fi-enabled, fully-automated process is controlled by a mobile app from anywhere. Using a patented adaptive temperature system, Nise Wave schedules readiness timing by intermittently raising and lowering temperatures throughout key cooking cycles. So, if rush-hour traffic slows a user down, they can postpone the final phase and still arrive home to a perfectly cooked meal.

“With Nise Wave, anyone can…

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