Critical Acclaim for Brazilian Singer and Songwriter Bianca Rossini’s New Bossa Nova Album, Vento do Norte

Bianca Rossini – Vento do Norte

Vento do Norte is a triumph, Bianca Rossini’s most fully realized and enrapturing release to date.” – Jeff Tamarkin, music journalist

Following the success of her previous albums Meu Amor and Kiss of Brasil, Bianca Rossini releases Vento do Norte, her latest collection of original bossa nova classics.

Brazilian singer-songwriter Bianca Rossini, on her new, critically acclaimed album Vento do Norte, masterfully establishes that there is a great deal of life to be found in new bossa nova music.

On Vento do Norte, Bianca Rossini introduces 10 compositions that are sensuous, establishing a variety of pleasing moods with irresistible bossa nova rhythms. The singer wrote all of the lyrics and co-wrote three of the songs, with composers like Peter Roberts, Grammy-winning songwriter Jon Gilutin, Patrick Lockwood, Steven Rawlins, Marilyn Berglas and Harvey Mason. Bianca’s haunting vocals make each performance a seductive and compelling listening experience. The beautiful melodies, rhythms and Bianca’s luscious singing style create alluring and accessible music.

Among the highlights of Vento do Norte are the gentle love ballad “Doce Amor,” “Ipanema Paraiso” (featuring the tenor of Jimmy Roberts), “Why I Smile,” the catchy melody of “Tic Tac do Amor,” and “Meu Sonho,” a slower piece fully displaying the beauty of Bianca’s voice. Joined by several rhythm sections with either Roberts, Rawlins, Berglas, Gilutin or Mark Nilan on keyboards, Bianca Rossini stakes out her claim as one of the finest bossa nova singers on the scene today, and one of its most important songwriters.

Vento do Norte is being released by Apaixonada Music and BDM Records, and is available…

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