AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. — Crews ran out of bottled water Wednesday morning after Airway Heights residents were told not to drink from the tap due to ground water contamination.

More water is expected to be delivered by 11:00 a.m. to the Yoke’s at 12825 W. 17th. Another shipment from Kent is expected later on Wednesday.

“I got my water today, so I’m good to go for a while. There’s just two of us at our home. So, I think we’ll be all right for a while,” said Airway Heights resident Debbie Stapleton. 

The Airway Heights Fire Department and volunteers with the Spokane County Disaster Relief Service were on hand loading cases of water bottles for residents whose water has been contaminated. The cases of water are rationed out by one case per two people, per household, which is about two gallons per person per day. 

“It’s an excellent balance game of how long supplies last and what the demands are going to be this afternoon once people start getting off work and getting in line. We have these two trucks here that are pretty well stocked, but it will go pretty quickly,” Airway Heights Deputy Fire Chief Nate Whannel.

Whannel said volunteers are checking IDs to make sure only residents living West of Hayford Road get water since they are the ones affected by the contaminants. They have also been giving extra cases to those who are picking up water for a disabled neighbor who is unable to come to the water distribution site. 

On Tuesday,…